Flames of War


Sylvira Savikas & Quasit

28th August 2019
Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series
Sylvira Savikas & Quasit

Working out of the great library fortress of Candlekeep, The tiefling Sylvira Savikas has dedicated her life to thwart devil worshipers and cast them out of positions of power throughout the Western Heartlands. Her speciality is the study of the Nine Hells and has spent years carefully watching and monitoring the devil activity in Baldur’s Gate, Elturel, and the surrounding region.

Now with the disappearance of Eltural into Avernus, her watching has been rewarded.


She is accompanied by Jezebel, her mischievous Quasit familiar, who brings just the right amount of chaos to her life.


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