Flames of War



2nd July 2020
Pre-order Aliens Online Now!

A great deal for those of you that want to hit the ground running and pre-order the full Aliens experience. Just order these three products;

  • Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps, which includes Ripley, Newt and a fire team of Colonial Marines, set to battle the deadly Xenomorphs at Hadley's Hope.
  • Aliens: Ultimate Badasses Expansion, which expands your force of Marines and adds Burke, the ultimate company man!
  • Aliens: Get Away From Her, You B***h! Expansion, which expands the campaign in the basic game by adding new paths and threads, as well as adding the Alien Queen and Ripley in P-5000 Power Loader.

and we will throw in a FREE 3D GAMING SET, which includes Facehuggers, Eggs, Computer Terminals, Crates and of course Sentry Guns, and FREE SHIPPING.

What to know more about Aliens: The Boardgame, click here...

Aliens Experience
Your local store will get the same deal. That's right, we will be giving the same freebies to your local store so you can make your order there.
Contact your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) today, or head over to the Online Store because as Hicks says "It's game time."