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GF9 at Gen Con 2017

4th August 2017
Gale Force Nine at Gen Con 50!

Gen Con 50
Gale Force Nine hits Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis, ready to share three exciting new games and game expansions that will be in stores later this year. We’ll have some great exclusive items for the convention and lots of stuff to show off, so stop by booth 629 at the show to check it all out!
The Cardassian Union and Ferengi Alliance player expansions for Star Trek: Ascendancy finally make their debut at Gen Con. These player expansions new options for the game; choose a new civilization to play or play with additional players. The player expansions will both hit stores and be available at Gen Con this month!
Cardassian Union Player Expansion Ferengi Alliance Player Expansion
At Gen Con 50 attendees will get a hands-on first look at upcoming GF9 game releases. While not available for purchase at Gen Con, you'll be able to see, play and experience these releases before they hit stores later this year!
Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats puts you and your friends in the roles of the Serenity Crew as they face vicious outlaws and desperate gunslingers while trying to get the job done. We’ll be running full games in the Events Hall at Gen Con and demo games at our booth. Be sure to mosey over and join the crew for some thrillin’ heroics! 
Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats Box  Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats
The evil Daleks have a plan to eliminate the meddlesome Doctor once and for all. Davros and his Daleks have sabotaged the web of time and are racing to prevent the Doctor from ever boarding the TARDIS to begin with in GF9’s Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks. At Gen Con play as a regeneration of the First, Fourth, Eleventh or Twelfth Doctor and team up with the other Doctors to thwart the Daleks plan! Stop by the GF9 booth and join the Doctors at Gen Con.
Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Box The Doctor Goes on an Adventure!
The Star Trek galaxy becomes even more dangerous as the relentless Borg assault the quadrant. Be among the first to experience the latest expansion for GF9’s Star Trek: Ascendancy before it’s available in stores. In the Borg Assimialtion game expansion the Borg threaten all players throughout the game, players who successfully blunt their onslaught gain access to powerful Borg technology that they can use to defeat the invaders or turn against other players!
 Star Trek: Ascendancy - Borg Assimilation Box  Star Trek: Ascendancy - Borg Assimilation
A limited number of seats may still be available for GF9’s Firefly Adventures events and our first inaugural TANKS tournament. Check the Gen Con website for availability.
GF9 will some new items available at Gen Con this year. Due to popular demand we will be selling a limited number of the special event mats we use for our games of Tyrants of the Underdark and our four-player Star Trek: Ascendancy events. You can further accessorize your games of Star Trek: Ascendancy with our Starbase 3D game pieces. We have five styles of these high-detail resin kits, including Starbases for the Federation, Klingons and Romulans; and introducing Starbases for the enterprising Ferengi and the brutal Cardassians.
Tyrants of the Underdark Event Mat Star Trek: Ascendancy 4-player Event Mat
Tyrants of the Underdark Event Mat 30 x 42 Star Trek: Ascendancy 4-Player Event Mat 48 x 60
Star Trek: Ascendancy Starbases
Our newly revamped popular line of D&D Spellcards will be available at the Gen Con. Spellcard decks contain all of the spells your character can learn on handy, durable game cards. Now all of your character’s spells are right at hand, without having to page through rulebooks to use them. We’ll also have a limited number of our adventure-themed DM’s Screen. Each screen ties to a D&D adventure, with charts, maps and artwork from the book.
DM's Screen
GF9 will debut new models in our popular range of D&D Collector’s Series miniatures. This range of resin model kits brings fan-favorite characters and monsters to your tabletops. Gen Con will be the first place you’ll be able to get your hands the beloved ranger Minsc and his loyal miniature giant space hamster Boo in our Minsc & Boo model kit. Menace your heroes with the bizarre Froghemoth, this terrifying swamp dweller ensnares hapless victims with its tentacles and prehensile tongue and drags them to their demise. The towering Frost Giant Ravager stalks frozen planes and snow swept peaks, dispatching his foes with a mighty blow of his fearsome battle axe. Finally, the massive Fire Giant Dreadnought stands ready to bash his adversaries with two huge spiked shields filled with blazing coals. All of these models will be available for the first time at Gen Con 50!
Minsc & Boo Box

Minsc & Boo Model

32 mm tall model on a 25 mm base

Froghemoth Model

75 mm tall model on a 75 mm base

Froghemoth Box
 Frost Giant Ravager Box

 Frost Giant Ravager

125 mm tall model on a 115 mm wide base

 Fire Giant Dreadnought Model

105 mm tall model on a 90 mm wide base

 Fire Giant Dreadnought Box

GF9’s popular Family Guy - Stewie's Sexy Party GameFirefly: The Game, Star Trek: Ascendancy, TANKS, and Tyrants of the Underdark games will be available at the show along with their newest game expansions.

Make sure you visit GF9 at booth 629 at Gen Con 50 to see all of the great games we’ll be releasing later this year!

Gale Force Nine - Booth 629