Flames of War


GF9 are 5 x 5 at Adepticon

We're In The Pipe 5 x 5 at Adepticon 2023


Aliens: We’re in the Pipe, Five by Five expansion adds
two more characters, updated missions, Alien variants,
new experience paths, and new hive cards to spice up
your games...

Aliens 5x5 expansion box


  Ferro Marine Spunkmeyer Marine  
Xeno 1 Xeno 2 Xeno 3 Xeno 4


Of course, we will also be bringing back the two original expansions...


Aliens Miniatures Ultimate Badasses
GAFHYB Miniatures GAFHYB Expansion





Keep a close eye on GF9 social media for more information,

coming soon...


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