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8th August 2022
Gen Con is over for another year


What a weekend!  Gen Con is over for another year.

It was fantastic to be back amongst gamers, meeting you in person, demo'ing our newest titles, and getting our games into your hands.

If you missed out on the limited numbers of any of the pre-release titles, or couldn't make it to Gen Con, you can still pre-order them directly from us, and we will ship them straight to you as soon as they're ready.


Arrakis Box Cover  Dominion War  Breen Confederacy

Firefly Misbehavin' Box  Pirates of Skydock


22nd July 2022

World of Tanks: Miniatures Game  WAVE VIII

 Hitting shelves at your FLGS or favourite online retailer in a matter of weeks... WAVE VIII the latest releases for World of Tanks: Miniature Game.

Bring on the Artillery!


Wave VIII Tank Fan


Sexton II - British

This wave is the Self Propelled Gun wave, and we kick things off with the Brits! The British Sexton II is an SPG for the commander on a budget. SPGs bring a raft of new mechanics to the game, and the Sexton II is no exception; use Burst HE Shells to cause a massive explosion, stunning all nearby tanks, or load Light HEAT Shells for more damage. Of course, the highlight of SPGs is their ability to fire anywhere at any spotted target, so add Requesting Fire and your British can now receive support anywhere on the table.

Sexton II and Tank Cards

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Hummel - German

If you want your SPGs to play a more damage-dealing role in your platoon, look no further than the German Hummel. This SPG hits hard, packing 7 Firepower to all but ensure you dish out critical hits. All SPGs fire HE rounds, but if you’re not a fan of HE, consider loading Heavy HEAT Shells to remove HE and add Big Gun to guarantee damage is dealt. The new SPG-specific upgrades are available here as well, Burst HE Shell and Requesting Fire, to provide support for your platoon.


Hummel Tank Wave VIII

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M7 Priest - American

The American M7 Priest gives your Americans some long-range fire support. Requesting Fire allows you to draw Line of Sight from any friendly vehicle, allowing your SPGs to hit targets that would otherwise be behind cover. Pair this with your light tanks and keep your SPGs hidden to create a deadly combination! You can also load Burst HE Shells to apply the new Stunned Critical token to all enemy tanks within Close Range and Line of Sight of your target, or load Light HEAT Shells for when damage matters more than critical hits.


American M7 Priest Tank

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SU-76M - Russian

The Soviet SU-76M is an extremely low-cost Tank Destroyer for the budget-conscious commander needing some additional support. It won’t take on the newest, heaviest tanks on it’s own, but alongside a platoon of aggressive tanks you’ll find it very capable of landing crucial blows. We couldn’t skip out an SPG however, so you’ll also find an entire tank card for the Soviet SU-122A in the box. Using the same model, suddenly your little tank-destroyer has a bigger gun, Firepower 7, and is ready to fling shells across the entire battlefield!


Russian SU-76M Tank

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Pre-Order TODAY from your FLGS, directly or from your favourite online retailer!

Join our World of Tanks: Miniatures Game Facebook group to discuss tactics, ask questions,  & show off your painting prowess.


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15th July 2022
Dr Who: Nemesis


Transporting onto shelves October 2022

We're excited to announce Dr Who: Nemesis! There are worlds to move, realities to destroy, time wars to win, a cyberium to find and Gallifrey itself for that matter too You play The Doctor's adversaries trying to bring your schemes to fruition!

Dr Who: Nemesis

Doctor Who: Nemesis

It's not easy trying to rule space and time, contending with rival Daleks and Cybermen, interfering Time Lords, and predatory Weeping Angels...

There are worlds to move, realities to destroy, time wars to win, a cyberium to find and Gallifrey itself for that matter too, paradoxes and the endless schemes of The Doctor ,and The Master to unravel.

Have you got what it takes to remake the universe?

Can you defeat the meddling Doctor?

Will you finally triumph for all time?

Defeat The Doctor - Rule Space And Time


Dr Who Nemesis Game Layout

In Doctor Who: Nemesis, you play one of the Doctor’s many adversaries seeking to twist space and time to your own ends.
Your old nemesis, the Doctor, endlessly seeks to thwart your plans. Worse still, his other adversaries have their own
schemes, and they don’t involve you controlling everything.

You must send your minions out to thwart both the Doctor’s
and your opponents’ schemes, while bringing your own schemes to fruition.

Doctor Who: Nemesis

Hitting the shelves of your FLGS October 2022...



Dr Who Nemesis box back



2nd June 2022
World of Tanks: Miniatures Game : WAVE VII

Coming in a matter of weeks is our latest wave of releases for the World of Tanks: Miniatures Game 

We're really excited to be getting these to your tabletop, as these tanks need no introduction, they're iconic to officiandos and amateurs alike bringing HUGE firepower and presence to the battlefield.


World Of Tanks Wave VII

Challenger - British

The British Challenger is the perfect tank-destroyer for an aggressive commander, combining 3 Mobility to quickly relocate and find enemy flanks with 6 Firepower to dish out huge damage, whilst having great staying power with good Survivability and Hit Points. Mounting the Avenger Turret paired with the OQF 32-PDR AT Gun Mk. II turn the Challenger into a glass canon, trading some of its Survivability for even more Firepower for when you really need to blow some tanks up.


World of Tanks British Challenger

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Tiger II - German

The German Tiger II is the biggest tank in the game thus far, but it’s not just for show! With its high Survivability, in combination with the Heavy Tank rule, this behemoth will be hard to take down. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with the Tiger II Serienturm Turret upgrade card which adds an additional point of Survivability, and Improved Hardening for an extra Hit Point. This iconic piece of German engineering is ready to roll out and dominate the battlefield.


World of Tanks German Tiger II

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M4A3E8 (Easy Eight) Sherman - American

The American M4A3E8Sherman commonly referred to as the Easy Eight is a favourite tank for all ‘Furious’ commanders. This version is an upgrade over previous Shermans with a Firepower of 5, and 5 Hit Points. Turbocharger and a Ford GAA engine boost the M4A3E8s Initiative to an impressive 10 in the movement phase so you can get the jump on your opponent. Use this tank straight out of the box, or enhance it with a wide variety of upgrades to meet your situational and strategic needs.


World of Tanks American Easy Eight Sherman

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T-34-85 - Russian

The Russian T-34-85 is a great all-rounder Medium tank with solid stats and Mobility 3, making it ideal for brawling it out with other tanks. Being a Medium Tank means it can re-roll a blank Attack die to ensure consistent damage. Keep the base Firepower 5 or pair it with the 122mm T-11 gun to give the T-34-85 High Explosive, this iconic tank is a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop.


World of Tanks T-34-85 Soviet

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27th April 2022
Tenfold Dungeon

 Tenfold Dungeon

No prep time, quick set up, easy storage Modular Roleplaying Terrain Set

Gale Force Nine is excited to announce, Tenfold Dungeon, the fully immersive, out of the box 3D terrain for your RPGs and dungeon crawling games

With amazingly detailed art printed in every box, and 1" x 1" grids discreetly layered into the environment, Tenfold Dungeons provides a high-quality, atmospheric play space for all your tabletop needs.

Along with it's compact, lightweight design, it's never been easier to take your high-octane adventures with you, wherever you go..


4 Sets available, each contains a unique 5e adventure

Includes 5e adventure : The Bellow Below

Something is stirring in the sewers under Malrenburg. For weeks now, residents of the town have been troubled by bizarre dreams of a roaring call from the sewers beneath, leaving the people exhausted and frightened...

Includes 5e adventure : Vaedra's Lair

At the top of a cliff stands a keep. It is a dark, lonely place that the sun shines weakly upon and whose stones seem to swallow up the moonlight when night falls. As the sun sets, from the castle's empty halls echoes forth a terrible and irresistible song, the song of the siren Vaedra, hunting for more prey to feed her voracious appetite for minds

Includes 5e adventure : Gang of Thieves

The town of Holdthorpe is not what it used to be. Ever since the arrival of a band of brothers known as The Five Rings, the entire town has been veiled in a grey haze which keeps visitors from ever leaving. Robbed of it's former splendour, Holdthorpe has become a home to bandits, vagabonds and lowlifes drawn to the arcane artifact that the Five Rings hold in their possession.


Includes 5e adventure : The Serpent's Stone

Partway up Erodan Mountain stands the temple of a secret order, dedicated to an ancient serpent goddess. Although clandestine in nature, the priests and priestesses of this temple were many, for they guarded jealously a precious artifact that once belonged to the goddess they served. In recent years, this order has perished, for a mysterious plight has befallen its members, and those who dare to enter are never seen again, lost amidst a hail of shrieking voices and a thunder of iron.

Coming to a Friendly Local Gaming Store near you August 2022...


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