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19th December 2019
Ixians and Tleilaxu come to Dune!

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29 November 2019
Remembering Lizzie Willick
Lizzie Willick

On Sunday morning our friend Lizzie Willick passed away after a two year battle with cancer. Lizzie was a long time member of the Gale Force Nine team, responsible for designing and sculpting many of the iconic pieces in GF9’s Battlefield in a Box range.

Lizzie was a consummate hobbyist, miniature painter, sculptor, and mold maker. While working at a local game store in her home of Slidell, LA, she came to the attention of the sales team at Games Workshop. In turn she was invited to join the staff of the original Games Workshop Memphis Battle Bunker and store. There, her talent and the ease with which she could interact with and instruct new and existing hobbyists earned her the role of the store’s bunker steward. In this role her skills at hosting events and creating amazing game tables and terrain continued to grow.

From Games Workshop, Lizzie was recruited to join the team at Gale Force Nine. At GF9 Lizzie continued to design awe-inspiring game tables and, along with Jason Buyaki, she created GF9’s Battlefield in a Box range of pre-painted terrain sets. She also was responsible for many of the iconic buildings in Battlefront’s range of buildings for Flames of War and Team Yankee. Beyond designing terrain products, Lizzie also created many of GF9’s breath-taking display tables, including the massive Underdark cavern used to launch the Dungeons & Dragons Collector’s Series.

Lizzie was a key member of the GF9 demo team at conventions such as Origins and Gen Con, running engaging game demos and discussing hobby techniques with show attendees. Open and engaging, Lizzie easily made friends in the hobby community.

Gale Force Nine is more than a business, we are friends and a chosen-family. Losing her grace, wit, knowledge, and support will be keenly felt by all of us for a long time to come. Lizzie Willick was a friend, a mentor, an inspiration, an artist, a talented hobbyist, a historian, a fighter, a Space Wolf, a Hufflepuff, a Night Elf Druid, a Saints fan, a rescuer of distressed stuffed animals, a dog-lover, a cat-lover, and so much more.

Lizzie will be sorely missed.


19th November 2019
D&D Eberron: Rising From the Last War Preview
Eberron: Rising From The Last War

After a catastrophic war that nearly ended the world, man and machine try to rebuild their lives amidst the devastation. Alliances are forged and nations rise, whilst ancient threats remain ready to strike.

Eberron: Rising from the Last War the latest Dungeons & Dragons book. To celebrate the creation of this brand new storyline set in this unfamiliar world, we have created some Eberron influenced products which will be arriving this December!

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Eberron: Rising From The Last War


30th October 2019
Dune Questions and Answers

We have put together a list of common questions to help you as you battle for Spice and ultimate control of Arrakis! This should help players, both new and old, get to to grips with the rules!

The Spice Must Flow!


Download the Questions and Answers PDF here!

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