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30 November 2018
Gale Force Nine Opens New West Coast Office

Gale Force Nine Opens New West Coast Office

With the ever-expanding catalog of work we have planned we have decided to open a new office on the West Coast of the US dedicated to handling our licensed portfolio. This team will be focused solely on our licensed products. The office will be based in Orange County, just south of LA, and we expect it to be open in January next year. Some existing team members will be relocating to the new office but we will need to add some new blood to give us the extra resource needed to see our growth continue. If you have ever wanted to be involved with such iconic brands as Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Firefly, Dr Who, Aliens and Dune then this is the opportunity you have been looking for.

If you are interested in applying for any of these roles please drop us a line at, along with your CV.

Applications will remain open through to the 16th Dec.

Licensing Projects Manager
Job Overview
The licensing projects manager will be responsible for the running and completion of all licensed product the company makes, either in house or through freelance teams. Success will be in meeting our release dates, providing a quality product and insuring that the product can be made in the right timeframe and for the right cost.

Licensing Marketing Coordinator
Job Overview
The licensing marketing coordinator is responsible for all outward communication relating to all licensed products. Success will be in meeting all the external marketing needs and insuring that the market is aware of our products and continues to have information given to them on an ongoing basis.

Licensing Graphic Designer
Job Overview
The licensing graphic designer is the primary source of all marketing content needed as well as being the final check before the approvals stage of all work sent to our license holders. Success will be delivering dynamic marketing content on time and insuring that products sent for approval have been correctly presented to meet the needs of the license holder.

For more detailed information on any of these roles please visit here...


21 November 2018
Unboxing TANKS: The Modern Age Starter Set - M1 Vs T-64 - Beasts Of War


9 November 2018
Shipping Now: Firefly Expansions, Waterdeep Map and Vault Of Dragons
Firefly Adventures: Respectable Folk Crew Expansion

Firefly Expansions
Firefly expansions are shipping now! The Respectable Folk and Wanted Fugitives expansions each contain four Crew miniatures (in both Casual and Heroic poses), two double-sided Crew cards, ten Equipment cards, two new Jobs, and the box bottom also doubles as a new building.

Brigands and Browncoats Expansion: Book & Inara...
Brigands and Browncoats Expansion: River & Simon..

Check out the Firefly front page for more info...

Waterdeep Map
Explore Waterdeep with the brand new vinyl 20” x 40” map of the famous Dungeons and Dragons city.

Perfect for planning and playing your adventures through Waterdeep, this map is a durable must-have for any dungeon master or gaming group intending to uncover the secrets of the spectacular “City of Splendors”.

D&D: "Waterdeep" Vinyl Game Mat...

Waterdeep Map

Firefly Adventures: Respectable Folk Crew Expansion

Vault Of Dragons
Rumors of a hidden vault of gold circulate through the streets, taverns, and markets of Waterdeep. In Vault of Dragons, each player chooses one of the four unsavory factions racing to locate the secret of the Vault!

Vault of Dragons, the brand new board game set in the Dungeons and Dragons world is now available on from the online store! 2 – 4 players assume the control of competing disreputable factions in a race to locate the greatest treasure hoard in the Realms.

Sinister criminals, devilish nobles, mercenary drow, and mysterious wizards all compete to be the first to find the Vault of Dragons!

D&D: "Vault of Dragons" Board Game...


5 September 2018
TANKS: The Modern Age Pre-Orders Up Now
TANKS: The Modern Age

The Cold War Just Got Hot!

The widely successful TANKS game is turning the clock forward from World War II to the height of the Cold War. Choose your nation carefully as they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Do you pick the American forces with the old faithful M1 Abrams, Soviet forces and their numerous T-64, the mighty British Chieftain with its heavy armour, the popular German Leopard 2 and its powerful 120mm gun, or French AMX-30 that has speed to burn.

Or maybe you have a desire to spread your wings and take to the air? TANKS: The Modern Age wouldn't be complete without Helicopters! These fast and nimble machines trade the armour that that their ground pounding friends have for the ability to zip around the battlefield delivering anti-tank missiles from all quarters.

Check out the full range in our Online Store now...

Beasts Of War - Tanks: The Modern Age Exclusive Rulebook Download...


14 August 2018
Frank Herbert's Dune Returns
Frank Herbert's Dune


Tabletop role-playing game planned for late 2019 release, with additional original tabletop games from Gale Force Nine and their sub-licensees to follow

BURBANK, CA – August 6, 2018 – Legendary Entertainment and Herbert Properties LLC have reached a multi-year licensing agreement with Gale Force Nine (GF9).  The award-winning game publisher is now set to bring the beloved sci-fi franchise DUNE to the world of tabletop gaming.

“Gale Force Nine has consistently demonstrated a skill and passion for building successful tabletop game series alongside category leading partners and we are thrilled to announce this exciting addition to the Dune licensing program ,” said Jamie Kampel, Vice President of Licensing & Partnerships for Legendary. “Legendary looks forward to a fun and meaningful contribution to this revered legacy property.”

The agreement calls for Gale Force Nine to produce original tabletop games drawing from the full scope of the Dune franchise—spanning the many publications from Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson—along with multiple direct tie-ins with Legendary’s highly-anticipated film from director Denis Villeneuve.

“This is only the beginning of our big plans in tabletop for this captivating franchise,” says John-Paul Brisigotti, CEO of Gale Force Nine. “Dune is a rich and wonderful universe, and we expect to produce an equally expansive and inspired line of games for years to come.”

The full range of tabletop games, including board and miniatures games are slated to hit the market just prior to Legendary’s theatrical release of DUNE in 2020. In addition, GF9 plans to align with other game companies on numerous categories and formats in the future.

To read the full release click here...