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TANKS: The Modern Age

5 September 2018
TANKS: The Modern Age Pre-Orders Up Now
TANKS: The Modern Age

The Cold War Just Got Hot!

The widely successful TANKS game is turning the clock forward from World War II to the height of the Cold War. Choose your nation carefully as they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Do you pick the American forces with the old faithful M1 Abrams, Soviet forces and their numerous T-64, the mighty British Chieftain with its heavy armour, the popular German Leopard II and its powerful 120mm gun, or French AMX-30 that has speed to burn.

Or maybe you have a desire to spread your wings and take to the air? TANKS: The Modern Age wouldn't be complete without Helicopters! These fast and nimble machines trade the armour that that their ground pounding friends have for the ability to zip around the battlefield delivering anti-tank missiles from all quarters.

Check out the full range in our Online Store now...

Did you want to check out the full rulebook? Head over to the Beasts of War website where they have a download, as well as plenty of other Modern Age content.

Beasts of War Rulebook Download...

8 September 2018
GF9 Needs Demo Staff For Essen Spiel 2018

held 25 - 28 October, fairground Messe Essen, Germany.

We are looking for Demo staff who are excited about sharing their passion for the Gale Force 9 range. Spend the weekend demoing games to other board game enthusiasts and having fun.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact [email protected]

Job Opportunity at Battlefront Maryland

14 August 2018
Frank Herbert's Dune Returns
Frank Herbert's Dune


Tabletop role-playing game planned for late 2019 release, with additional original tabletop games from Gale Force Nine and their sub-licensees to follow

BURBANK, CA – August 6, 2018 – Legendary Entertainment and Herbert Properties LLC have reached a multi-year licensing agreement with Gale Force Nine (GF9).  The award-winning game publisher is now set to bring the beloved sci-fi franchise DUNE to the world of tabletop gaming.

“Gale Force Nine has consistently demonstrated a skill and passion for building successful tabletop game series alongside category leading partners and we are thrilled to announce this exciting addition to the Dune licensing program ,” said Jamie Kampel, Vice President of Licensing & Partnerships for Legendary. “Legendary looks forward to a fun and meaningful contribution to this revered legacy property.”

The agreement calls for Gale Force Nine to produce original tabletop games drawing from the full scope of the Dune franchise—spanning the many publications from Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson—along with multiple direct tie-ins with Legendary’s highly-anticipated film from director Denis Villeneuve.

“This is only the beginning of our big plans in tabletop for this captivating franchise,” says John-Paul Brisigotti, CEO of Gale Force Nine. “Dune is a rich and wonderful universe, and we expect to produce an equally expansive and inspired line of games for years to come.”

The full range of tabletop games, including board and miniatures games are slated to hit the market just prior to Legendary’s theatrical release of DUNE in 2020. In addition, GF9 plans to align with other game companies on numerous categories and formats in the future.

To read the full release click here...

7 May 2018
New Battlefield in a Box - Galactic Warzones Sci-Fi terrain

Galactic Warzones - Defense Turrets

Galactic Warzones is a new series of Battlefield in a Box terrain for Sci-Fi tabletop battles. No matter if your battles take place on nearby worlds in the near future or a long time ago in far away galaxies, these terrain pieces will turn your tabletops into battlefields worth fighting over. Look for new terrain sets from GF9 all summer long, as our tour of intergalactic venues takes us from harsh desert colonies to fortified industrial installations.

Check out the Data Tapes on our new terrain here...

Galactic Warzones - Desert Buildings

3 May 2018
See Gale Force Nine on the Stream of Many Eyes

Gale Force Nine will be a part of Wizards of the Coast’s Stream of Many Eyes livestreamed event June 1-3.

From the announcement at dnd.wizards.com

On June 1-3, D&D will bring tons of Twitch streamers, actors, comedians and D&D luminaries to the Stream of Many Eyes, a three-day livestreamed extravaganza full of cosplay, crazy sets and amazing stories. During the Stream of Many Eyes (#SoMEDND), the D&D team will unveil the new adventure story coming this year and showcase extraordinary D&D liveplay entertainment in a huge studio in Los Angeles.

Not only can fans around the world watch all the excitement unfold on twitch.tv/dnd, but you can now buy tickets to come take a tour of the studio’s sets on Sunday, June 3, get D&D merchandise you can’t get anywhere else, and watch your favorite entertainers play D&D live in the studio!

For more info : dnd.wizards.com/articles/events/some

GF9’s John- Paul Brisigotti will be there, showing off the newest and latest D&D accessories including new miniatures and paint sets, new reference card sets, and your first look at our new D&D-themed boardgame. Be sure to catch all the fun on twitch.tv/dnd or get your ticket to attending the show live in Los Angeles.

23 March 2018
The Space Mat Strikes Back

GF9’s series of Space Mats have returned and are now better then ever! GF9 has upgraded its line of Space Mats from vinyl to double-sided neoprene. Each mat has two different surfaces to fight your epic space battles on, doubling your value! 

Further enhance your space battles with GF9’s 3D space terrain! Dodge dangerous asteroids and avoid imposing laser turrets as you battle your foe in far away galaxies or on the edge of the final frontier. GF9’s Battlefield in a Box space terrain is pre-painted and ready to use right out of the box.

Click here to find out more about the new Space Mats...

Gaming Mat - Frozen Planet / Crimson Gas Cloud (BB953)